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Frequently asked questions

Due to the switch to a new bank account provider that does not yet support instant payments, it is very likely that your payment will arrive after the one hour guaranteed rate limit. If you want your purchase to be processed at the rate in effect at the time of your order, we recommend that you include a “Payment Confirmation” from your bank with your order. We will get back to you shortly.

How to do it?

  1. Create an order as you are used to.
  2. Send the money from your bank account to the money changer’s account.
  3. Request a PDF “Payment Confirmation” document from online banking.
  4. In the order details, click on the button “Attach payment confirmation”.
  5. Select the saved PDF file and confirm.
  6. This will send the request.

After sending the payment confirmation, we will contact you for verification and purchase the requested cryptocurrencies with a guaranteed rate. At the moment of crediting the money to your account, we will send it to your chosen crypto-wallet.

At Simplecoin Exchange you create your first order and then pay for it. Use the payment details from the original payment to enter a standing order. The same message to the recipient will create duplicate orders in the system. Then in the top right menu under Settings -> General, just enable the option -> Set Status “Proceed” On Duplicate Orders Automatically.

Currently, the Affiliate program is only set up at Simplecoin Exchange.      

If you become a member of the affiliate program, you will receive a commission on every exchange made by the client you have invited. You can add clients through your unique link or through a banner placed on your website or blog.

To get a unique link in the Affiliate Program section, you need to go through a verification process.

In case of a duplicate payment, the system will automatically create a new order for the same amount and place it in a “pending” status. Information about its creation will be sent to your e-mail and you will be able to decide whether you want to execute the order with the current rate or have the payment refunded.

The order will be suspended. Your options will be to confirm the current rate on the order with the adjusted amount, set a limit rate, or cancel the order and have the payment sent back to you.

Unfortunately, this is one of the few things we can’t help you with. What you send to the blockchain network once is final and irreversible. Concentrate when entering your wallet address and you’d better double check it.

At Simplecoin Exchange you can download a PDF file of each order separately, or set up a transaction filter in the Orders section and download a CSV record of all of them at the same time.

For Simplecoin Wallet, the option to download a CSV file can be found in the Transactions section by clicking the Export to CSV button.


We have CZK and EUR bank accounts available to receive (and pay) payments.

In order to verify a legal entity, it is necessary to verify the persons acting, provide a record of the beneficial owners and the structure of the company.

We are required by law to verify our clients if they exceed the transaction limits. This is the principle of KYC – know your client (customer). At the same time, the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) law mandates verification of the source of funds.

To use the Simplecoin Wallet, registration and verification are required from the very beginning.
After identity verification you will receive a client discount of 5% of our margin.

All our clients have the same cryptocurrency offer. By registering you get discounts and access to a user profile with order history.

  • Overview of all orders at Simplecoin Exchange.
  • The ability to store several different bank accounts and wallet addresses for easier ordering.
  • Volume discount.

Your email address and a unique password that you make up or generate yourself. You can also use your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account to log in.

Up to a limit of 200 EUR every 10 days, orders can be placed with Simplecoin Exchange without registration, as a guest.

Both registration and verification are required to use the Simplecoin Wallet service.

No, if you create an order and it is not paid within 5 days, it will be automatically cancelled.

The minimum order value at Simplecoin Exchange is 50 EUR.
The minimum deposit with Simplecoin Wallet is 2 EUR. More here.

You need to have your own crypto wallet and a receipt address generated from it.
Or use our Simplecoin Wallet service, more information about this service is here.

After prior arrangement by phone at +420 608 746 753, it is possible to come in person to our client centre in Prague 6, Bubenečská 1, near Hradčanská metro station.

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