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In Simplecoin Wallet you will find the following types of accounts.

  • Accounts within Simplecoin Wallet
    • You can have an unlimited number of these accounts and you can transfer and exchange any assets you need between them. Accounts can be cryptocurrency as well as CZK or EUR.
  • Recipients within banks and cryptocurrency wallets
    • Recipients are your bank accounts or the cryptocurrency addresses of your wallets.
    • When sending assets to Recipients, the transfer price will include a transaction fee in the case of cryptocurrency and a transfer fee in the case of euro payments.
    • Withdrawals can only be made to a bank account that is held in your name. This is verified either by a verification payment of 1 CZK or by a deposit made earlier.

You can find the amount of fees in our article What are the fees?

Did not find the answer?

The customer service line can be reached Monday to Sunday between 9:00 and 21:00. Or send us an email. Our colleagues will always be happy to advise you and guide you safely through your purchase.

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